United Kingdom – Name Passing Trade Confirmation

The ICAP Company arranging your trade (the “ICAP Company”) is detailed on the trade confirmation and has arranged the transaction as a name passing or introducing broker.

Each of the counterparties to the trade has agreed that the ICAP Company is its broker for the sole purposes of ‘passing names’ and for confirming the details of the transaction in accordance with accepted market practice.

Nothing in the transaction shall create any fiduciary or agency relationship between the ICAP Company and either of the counterparties. Each of the counterparties agrees that no reliance has or may be placed by either of them on any representation made by the ICAP Company, any of the other ICAP Group Companies or their respective directors, employees or agents (together “ICAP”). ICAP is not responsible for the provision of advice to any person in connection with the transaction. It is also not responsible for the exercise of any options. ICAP is not responsible for any other obligation or liability arising under the transaction and is not liable for the capacity, reliability, or performance of the counterparties with regard to the transaction; in particular, ICAP accepts no liability for the commercial advisability of the transaction. ICAP is not responsible for the failure of the counterparties or any other person in supplying relevant information relating to the transaction, in properly documenting the transaction or in satisfying any legal requirements or taxation issues or conditions in relation thereto, including, without limitation, the obtaining of any necessary consents or the failure for whatever reason of completion of such consents or the failure for whatever reason of completion of such transaction.

Transaction times are available on request.

Details of the regulatory status of the ICAP Company can be found at http://www.icap.com/terms-of-business.aspx

This communication and all information (including market prices/levels and data) contained therein (the “Information”) is for informational purposes only, is confidential and is the intellectual property of ICAP. Redistribution is prohibited. The Information is not, and should not be construed as, an offer, bid, recommendation or solicitation in relation to any financial instrument or investment or as an official confirmation of any transaction. The Information is not warranted, including, but not limited, as to completeness, timeliness or accuracy and is subject to change without notice. All representations and warranties are expressly disclaimed. The Information does not necessary reflect the views of ICAP.