SpotMatch – A new Spot FX ematching platform for Benchmarks

SpotMatch is ICAP’s newest electronic offering, developed to meet our clients’ need for an alternative, cost-effective e-matching solution. Our innovative platform provides clients with anonymous access to a deep pool of liquidity across the interbank community.

Trade with confidence

SpotMatch is designed to ensure transparency and fair matching in today’s regulatory environment. To reduce risk we have created a secure, ring-fenced platform that offers clients robust matching methodology in an auditable environment.

  • We manage and monitor user access to the platform through a dedicated Operations team.
  • Trade monitoring capabilities will only be assigned to designated users nominated by our clients.
  • Permissioned Credit Officers are able to view credit status and amend orders as appropriate.

Benefit from ICAP’s established Spot FX franchise

SpotMatch distinguishes itself from the competition by offering clients a fully automated, electronic platform that is enhanced by ICAPs market-leading sales franchise.

Harnessing state-of-the-art technology and FIX API connectivity, and supported by our core interbank relationships, we have created an intuitive interface that optimises clients’ participation in the most liquid pre-scheduled matching events.

Enjoy a superior user experience

SpotMatch allows traders to submit orders prior to the matching event and take advantage of first-in-first-out methodology. SpotMatch is accessible through FIX API connectivity, and HTML5 technology powers an interface that uses minimal screen real estate. Access to a trader’s bespoke credit matrix governs the trading relationships between all parties. Matched trades will flow through to a client’s benchmark order book using post-trade solutions (RTNS and Traiana).

Reach out for responsive customer service

Our Solutions Delivery team is available to onboard clients from 6am-6pm Monday to Friday, using either GUI or Fix API connectivity. Operational support is also available during these hours.