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ICAP Global Broking’s portal to multi asset electronic solutions for the buy side. Building on our experience as a market leader, unique market network, and expertise in technology, we aim to be the leading service provider for all buy side firms’ needs.


Transparent, Efficient, Auditable. Bringing efficiency and standardisation to the execution of cross trades.

With regulation making it increasingly difficult to execute cross trades in a timely and compliant manner, CrossTrade provides dealers with a fair third party market price within a transparent, audited trade environment. Dealers can upload all orders onto the screen, either individually or in bulk, before receiving a live independent price, which can then be executed at the click of a button at any point during market hours. CrossTrade is an independent service that helps to standardise workflow, reduce operational and system-wide risks whilst increasing the efficiency of both trade and settlement processes in a cost effective manner.


  • Standardised workflow
  • Transparent
  • Auditable
  • Efficient

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