Short date forward FX traders need flexible access to liquidity, depth and a diversity of global counterparties. In addition, professional market participants want the benefits of leading technology and straight-through processing (STP). ICAP’s electronic i-Forwards option complements its existing voice option and delivers immediate access to global liquidity and diversity of counterparties.

The i-Forwards platform leverages ICAP’s expertise of running a global book through its EBS customer base, as well as its unrivalled experience in all FX instruments globally. It encompasses functionality that enables either electronic or voice execution and post trade register processing.

i-Forwards covers the G10 foreign exchange markets and some major crosses, delivering immediate access to global liquidity and diversity of counterparties. It provides both indicative and live trading prices out to 5 years, together with depth of market to give a full picture.

There is no charge for the application and a variety of delivery mechanisms can be deployed depending on the installation requirement.


i-Forwards delivers a range of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced trading functionality, which utilises spot pricing from the EBS platform – the leading source of spot FX pricing – together with ICAP’s proven pricing mechanism
  • Maximum trading flexibility for all users
  • Access to diverse counterparties around the world to facilitate a global book
  • Minimised risk and increased efficiency – unique straight-through processing (STP) solutions enable users to process trades more efficiently and reduce the potential for costly errors

Trading features

i- Forwards offers a range of unique functionality, including:

  • Spot restricted orders
  • Real and indicative pricing to five years
  • Ability to increase amount
  • Minimum amount entry
  • Drip-feed orders
  • Request for Quote
  • CLS-compliant from front-end to back-end

Other features include:

  • Trade negotiation
  • Split amount trades
  • Timed orders
  • Depth of book

Contact details

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7000 5171

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