ICAP is a leading interdealer broker of Eurobonds offering a comprehensive service in all currencies as well as liquid and illiquid issues. The firm acts as riskless principal with ICAP as the counterparty to each trade, guaranteeing anonymity for the client.

ICAP facilitates execution of trades as either a spread v the relevant government bond or an outright, with settlement taking place according to market convention on a Delivery verses Payment basis.

ICAP provides broking services in the following markets:

  • Investment Grade Corporates
  • High Yield Corporates
  • Financials
  • Subordinated debt (bank capital)
  • Sterling
  • Dollar Supranationals / Sovereigns
  • Euro Supranationals / Sovereigns
  • EM Eurobonds
  • Floating Rate Notes

ICAP offers price dissemination via its Fusion Portal and runs daily Volume Matching services in a number of markets. We also provide access to market data and post trade connectivity as part of our broking service.