Mortgage-Backed Securities

Banks were first allowed to sell mortgage derivatives in 1968, creating a market based on a growing number of debt assets. Mortgage-Backed Securities enable the investor to acquire a share of the interest paid by the homeowners.

Based in Europe with teams in both Asia and the US, we are the leading provider of pricing globally for inflation swaps and swaps across a variety of currencies.

ICAP offers professional market participants investment opportunities in government long-term negotiable debt securities that increase the liquidity of otherwise rather illiquid securities and enable governments to raise debt capital.

Global broking

ICAP offers broking throughout the range of US mortgage-backed securities (MBS). ICAP's hybrid broking service combines the enhanced efficiencies of electronic trading, such as transparency, distribution and straight-through processing (STP), with the benefits of price discovery that skilled voice brokers can offer in less liquid or more complex instruments.